Quiz 9

Quiz 9
Q1.  Write the words in the correct order to complete the questions and statements.
1.    (the problem / is / what )
Do you have any idea _____________________________________?
2.    (buy / a cheap cell phone / where / can / I )
Do you know _________________________________________?
3.    (your laptop / how much / cost )
Can you remember ____________________________________?
4.    (you  / have  / a computer virus / if )
I wonder ________________________________________?
5.    (are / there  / Internet cafés / any / if  / near here )
Do you know ________________________________________________?
6.    (should /our old computer / we / do / with / what)
I have no idea __________________________________________?
Q2.  Unscramble the sentences.
1.    turn/the TV/do/on/you/how/know/to                 __________________________________________
2. plug/the DVD player/to/know/you/where/do/in    __________________________________________
3. to/how/you/download/your/let/photo/me/show    __________________________________________
4. with/to/me/you/my/old/what/do/can/laptop/tell    __________________________________________
Q2.Indirect questions: Complete the conversation using the information in the question. Use the pronouns in the answer.
Example: (How do you turn on the DVD player?)
                  A: Do you know how to turn on the DVD player?   
                  B: Sorry. I have no idea how to turn it on.

 1. ( how do you play the DVD on the computer?) 
     A: Can you show me ____________________________?
     B: I´m not sure How ___________________________
 2. (Where can I plug in my computer?)
     A: Do you remember ____________________________?
     B: Sorry, I have no idea __________________________
 3. (Where can I plug in my laptop?)
              A: I can’t figure out _______________________________ 
                      B: Sorry. I’m not sure __________________________  
           4. (How do you turn down the volume?)
              A: Do you remember _____________________________________ ?
                      B: Sorry. I have no idea ______________________________________ 
          5. (Where do I put away these DVDs? 
              A: Do you know ____________________________________  ?
                       B: Yeah, I can show you ______________________________________

Quiz 9
Conversation strategy
    Q1.   Match each statement with the comment that gives a different             
1.   Cell phones are great.   _______
2.   I’d rather talk to friends on the phone than e-mail them. _______
3.   There’s so much information on the Internet. _______
4.   I love to shop online. It makes it so easy to buy things. _______
a.   Maybe. You have to be careful about identity theft (crime of stealing) though.
b.    I’m not sure. Don’t you think people use them too much? 
c.   I know what you mean, but it’s sometimes easier to just send a message.  
d.   That’s true. On the other hand, the facts can be unreliable. 

Quiz 9
Q1.  Cross out the phrasal verb that does not go with each expression.
1.     take off                       put away                plug in                      your shoes
2.     turn on                       turn off                    turn down                 a computer
3.     put on                        put down                 throw away               a book
4.     take off                      call back                 hook up                    your headphones
5.     turn up                       take off                   take apart                 the air conditioner
6.     hook up                      look up                   write down               a word
Plug [sth] (connect to mains suppy Example:   He plugged in the television and switched it on.
Hoop [sth/sb] up Phrasal Verb (connect, attach)

Quiz 9
Reading comprehension Nº1
Read the article and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).   
Adventures: Babysitting
 All this for four bucks an hour???
 I was babysitting my 2- and 6-year-old cousins, and my aunt had left spaghetti for lunch. It was a can of spaghetti, so the only thing we had to do was to warm it. She said I could put the spaghetti in the microwave. So, I put the spaghetti into a metal pan and then I put it in the microwave. I just wasn't thinking! A little bit later, the microwave caught fire.

Fortunately, my grandparents lived across the street. I called my grandpa over and he stopped the fire. The microwave was totally ruined. But since I'm family, my aunt forgave me (after some time). Katie—Baraboo, Wisconsin

A few months ago, I was babysitting a 5-year-old girl and her family's little dog. I noticed the dog was getting pretty nervous, so I thought maybe it needed to go to the bathroom. But I couldn't find the leash. The girl said it was OK to let her dog out with no leash. So I opened the door and watched the dog run with freedom—but he never stopped! It was raining, and it took us 20 minutes to catch the dog. When we finally got back, I noticed the leash was right by    the door.
 Wesley—Columbus, Ohio
Check  ( ) true or false for each statement
1.   Katie’s aunt cooked spaghetti.      

2.   Katie’s aunt wasn’t mad at her .

3.   The girl helped Wesley and they caught the dog .

4.   It was Wesley’s dog.

Quiz 9
Reading comprehension Nº2
Read the text carefully.
Bethany Abraham was in court again today arguing that photographs of her wedding to Mr. Steve Baker were published illegally by an Italian newspaper. The court case, which started two weeks ago, has already cost more than €2.5 million.
    Bethany Abraham, 53, married her personal trainer, Steve Baker 25, two years ago in a ceremony attended by 500 close friends. At the time, the couple received €2.5 million from a magazine for their formal wedding photographs. However, the Italian newspaper published informal photographs that were taken by one of their guests.
    Speaking in court, Ms Abraham said that the photographs in the newspaper showed her relaxing with her guests and that it was a private occasion. When she was asked why she and Mr. Baker had accepted €2 million for the official photographs she replied that she thought her fans wanted to share her happiest day.
    The Italian newspaper's editor, Anna Silvestrini, agreed that the photographs showed the bride and groom drinking at an all night party and that the newspaper had published them without permission. Mrs. Silvestrini apologized if this had hurt the feelings of the couple but she argued that they lived a very public life and that their wedding was news, not a private event. She reminded the court that Mr. Baker and Ms Abraham divorced three months ago and suggested that the court case was a waste of time.
The case continues.
Choose the letter that best suits the blanks according to the reading.
1.      Ms. Abraham and Mr. Baker ____________  photographs of their wedding to a magazine.
       a. wanted to sell              b. sold                       c. didn't sell
2.      Ms. Abraham and Mr. Baker ___________  photographs of their wedding to a newspaper.
       a. wanted to sell              b. sold                       c. didn't sell
3.      Ms. Abraham _____________  that the photographs in the newspaper were private.
       a. promised                      b. admitted                c. complained
4.      The Italian editor, Anna Silvestrini ___________  that the photographs were informal.
       a. ordered                        b. promised                c. admitted
5.      Mrs. Silvestrini said, ‘I’m sorry _____________ .

a. that we published the photographs.’
b. that the photographs made the couple unhappy.’
c.   but I didn't know the wedding was private.’

Quiz 9
Reading comprehension Nº3
 Most internet users get a few of those irritating, unwanted, commercial messages called spam every day.  “So what‘s the big deal?” you may ask. Here are four reasons why you should worry about spam:

1.   Spammers can send thousands of identical messages with a push of the “Send” button, but you have to delete each message one by one. That can add up to a lot of wasted time.

2.   There are still very few rules to limit spam, so the problem will probably get worse. Would you like to get hundreds of spam messages every time you open your e-mail?

3.   Products in spam ads are frequently (though not always) low quality or worthless. Think about it: companies that make high- quality products don’t mind paying for advertising. However, sellers of low –quality goods would rather use spam because it costs very little.

4.   Spam messages often say that you asked to receive the message, but of course, that’s usually not true. Many spammers use e-mail addresses without permission. And even though spammers say they’ll take your name off their list if you ask them, many of them don’t.
Check  ( ) true or false for each statement
1.   Most internet users don’t need to worry about spam.       

2.   Spammers are people who get a lot of spam.

3.   There will probably be more spam in the future.

4.   The quality of spam ads is getting worse.

5.   You often can’t trust people who send spam.

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